Theme Benefits

Our Preschool 

The educate system that operates in Honey Pot has proved to be greatly effective in bringing all round development in our students.

Honey Pot Preschool wai

Honey Pot preschool wai


Today the families are becoming nuclear. Most families have single child. Being the only child of his/her parents, they tend to have difficulty in being social and lack social values. Through ‘We’ club we try to inculcate social values and a sense of brotherhood in our students.

and Recreation

Sports is an integral part of our curriculum. Children play a variety of outdoor and indoor games  to enhance their physical ,logical  and mental health.

best pre school wai

best preschool in wai

Free Play and
Series of Activities

Through free play and tons of hands on activities with clay, blocks etc. children get an opportunity to enhance their creativity and imagination.

and Meditation

Yoga sessions and Surya Namaskars are helping our students to concentrate and become more centered.

Honey Pot Preschool wai

Honey Pot Preschool wai


Prayer sessions and Spiritual Assemblies are integral part of children’s day schedule in school.

and Clean

The utmost importance is given to safety of our Honey Pots. All arrangements regarding safety of our students are brought up through clean school premises, clean classrooms, toilets and washrooms. There are cameras in the entire school premises.